Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Organizing Your Game Room

For years, my game room has looked like a near disaster.  As the final project of the summer, I decided that I wanted to clean things up and make it look better.  I knew that I would need several shelves to hold my battlefoam and my bits, as well as a system of organization for my paints and brushes.  Here are the results

If you are like me, then you hoard bits.  I have piles and piles of sprues left over from years ago just waiting for a project.  For a long time I kept things on their sprues to keep them organized, but this took up a ton of space.  Now, I remove unused bit from sprues and keep a gallon ziplock bag for each army.   When your bits are taken off the sprues they take up substantially less space.  All of my bits for one particular army end up in the same bag, so I can find things easily. If there are bits that go together ( for instance to build a single weapon) I either assemble the parts or I snip the sprue down to just that section.

This is ALL of the bits left over from my Chaos Marines, Renegades, and Daemons.

Previously, I had my battlefoam stacked in the corner of the room.  It was unsightly and took up quite a bit of space.  I started looking at various shelves at IKEA and I found that the Bitrade shelf is perfect for battlefoam.  The shelves leave  about an inch and a half of space on the sides of your foam, and the foam will come almost flush with the front of the shelves.  This shelf is also the ideal size to hold records, so vinyl nerds take note.

It fits so well!

My painting table is usually an absolute mess; there are bits and paint bottles everywhere.  My solution was to give my paints a dedicated space on top of the shelf right next to my painting table.  It is quite a bit easier to keep my paints organized when they aren't floating around with models, bits, and paint brushes.

Give your paints a proper home.

I purchased my display case years ago, but it is worth noting because it holds a ton of models and helps keep my gaming room looking good.  IKEA has many glass display cases such as the Detolf or the Nornas, but I ended up choosing the Klingsbo.  The main reason I went with the Klingsbo is simply because it had a basic lock.  The lock won't keep out someone trying to break in, but it will prevent little ones from opening the door.

Oooo shiny....

Hopefully this guide has been helpful, and you have found some ideas to help get your game room in order.

PS Here are a couple of new posters that I need to hang up.

I must not fear.

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