Thursday, October 13, 2016


Last weekend I had my Nurgle Guardsmen stand in to represent a Genestealer cult and it was a ton of fun.

You can find the initial report here, but I wanted to expand things a bit further.

Cults play like a glass cannon, they have the opportunity to charge on turn one, but they die in droves to any real firepower.  I think they can be tournament competitive (especially allied with nids or AM allies), but you need to play like a sneaky genestealer.

You want to hit your opponent in such a way that they can't really respond.  Don't go after the main bulk of their force on turn one.  Take out units that are spread away from the main force.  Gang up on them and wipe them out.  This is going to severely limit your opponent's ability to go after objectives.  If you opponent spreads out to try and cover more ground, then you can keep taking apart his units one by one.  If you opponent decides to bunch up, they you have the opportunity to focus on objectives and win with points.

Stack your buffs.  I made this mistake, but you want to overlap as many of your feel no pain, hatred, furious charge, fearless bubbles as possible.  You don't necessarily need to make a deathstar, but as units appear, you can put them in the same area.

Having your entire army, or the vast majority of your army, deploy in a non-standard manner is incredibly advantageous.  In my first game, my opponent had to deploy with only a couple of tanks as potential targets.  Similar to drop pod lists, being able to deploy in a reactive manner can give you an edge before the game has really begun.

Overall, this is an incredibly fun army.  I am looking forwards to trying out different options, but with all the chaos rumors I am not certain that I want to begin collecting a dedicated force.


  1. Sounds great! I think this 40k world we live in of rapid releases allows for counts as casual play.

    1. Agreed, Even with 'counts as' I had enough varieties of Nurgle guard that I was effectively able to differentiate different units.

  2. I'm glad they're a fun army. I picked up the 'Nid portion of the Deathwatch box game a while back (still need to work on finishing painting them). I'm in the same boat as you. I'd love to pick up a little Cult force but there are so many pending rumors for CSM that I can't bring myself to do it.

  3. what's the latest rumors? I heard about magnus the red and possibly another wulven campaign release but that is it.

  4. We know for sure Magnus is coming and GW just released a video showing the new prospero HH box with Ahriman. It sounds as if there could also be a Tzeentch-themed portion of the CoW expansion.

    Plus rumors floating around that GW is going to start working their way around other primarchs and potentially give lots of different Chaos Cults/Legions their own book. Although some of that stuff may be way down the pipe.