Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stormcast Terminator

I love making conversions.  They break up some of the monotony of hobbying, and they give you an opportunity to have models that are completely unique.  Currently I am working on converting some Stormcast Eternals into Daemonkin Terminators.

After I removed the model from the sprue I also used an exacto knife to remove the mold lines.  I also removed most of the Stormcast iconography (since it didn't fit the Khorne theme), but you may choose to leave it in place.  Before assembling, I also used some fine grain sandpaper to smooth out the areas I was cutting.  I have only recently started using sandpaper, but it makes a big difference on a model.  You aren't looking to get things perfectly smooth, just to make sure that any deeper gashes are worn down a bit.  These areas can draw any washes and become more pronounced if you aren't careful.

No my pesky Sigmar iconography.

This is the point where I need to decide what weapons to use.  More than likely, I need to assemble a twin linked bolter and, if I don't want a hammer, find some parts for a sword, axe, or power fist.  For any swords or axes you are going to want to pin the weapon in place with a paper clip.  If you haven't done any pinning before, this is a lot less intimidating than it sounds.  GW has a pretty good pin vice with drill bits that size to most paper clips.  Just drill into each piece about a quarter of an inch and glue the paper clip in place.

Lightning claws or power fists probably don't need to be pinned

The twin linked bolters are simply two bolters glued together.  I shave off most of the details on the two sides that will be glued together, but that is all.  Depending on the positioning of the hands, you may need to swap out the stormcast hand for a Chaos Space marine hand.  They are similar size, so this is a fairly clean swap.  When I am assembling, I glue the two bolters together, wait for it to dry, and then glue the bolter to the hand.

Twin bolters are a very easy conversion

Here are a few shots of the completed models.  I am still working on four more to finish the squad. I have also recently created an instagram account and you can find me under the name ThePaintTzar.  Right now I am mostly updating with pictures of  older models, but this is going to be where pictures of my newly completed work appear first.

I'm amazed that I still have possessed bits.

Warlord bits also work well.

Most of the texture on the spikes is actually painted on.

PS: I know my updates have gotten sparse over the past few months.  That is in part because I have been doing some freelance writing, but mainly because I have been applying to graduate school.  The good news is starting in January I will be working on a masters in statistics.  Here is hoping I can write a thesis about Warhammer.

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  1. Time to put these possessed models to use and do a write up on Traitor Legions. Now that Chaos Marine troops are great I am certain people wouldn't fault you for using these guys as some!