Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Corruption Spreads

The weather this last month really cut into my painting.  It was either raining, or too hot/humid to spray models.  After enough time I finally got a chance to clear-coat my models.

This Chimera is an old model that used to serve as my Ork battlewagon.  I added the chaos spikes, tentacles, and toxic vat.  

I used a lid from a can of Testors spray and used cork board, greenstuff, and glue to make the toxic filling.  After priming the model the first time all of the paint began flaking off the tank, so I ended up taking some sand paper (180 grit) and roughing up the surface of the tank.  

This model represents my primaris psyker; I made it with leftover bits and pieces from guardsmen and an arm from a plaguebearer.  The flames were created using greenstuff.  Essentially I put a blob of greestuff where I wanted flames and then used tweezers to pull the greenstuff into a flame shape.

Here is a squad of tempest scions that are acting as regular veterans.

Next up I have a custom made palanquin of Nurgle.  I'm working on this while I wait for another opportunity to prime more models.  I also had my Fat Mat arrive in the mail, so I'm going to start getting together some terrain.


  1. That toxic sludge looks awesome Andrew!

  2. I concur. The tentacles and sludge really help bring out the chaos mutation and nurgle theme :)

  3. What do you think about the new SM codex?

    1. I think that it exemplifies how powerful formations can be. As far as I have seen there weren't too many major changes with the units, but there were numerous formations added to the book. The addition of these formations completely changed the play-style of many Space Marine armies. I would expect to see lots of transports as people try out their old 5th edition parking lots.

      This issue that this brings up is armies without formations end up feeling lackluster even when they have strong units.