Friday, July 10, 2015

Plague Tank

Hey!  I have some completed work!  Much of the past few weeks has been dedicated to me assembling models (not exciting) rather than actually painting them (much more exciting).  Finally I have some work worth showing off.

This tank was once a looted Ork Leman Russ, but now it has been repurposed for Nurgle.  Back in the day the tank was covered in spikes (literally nails), but as the nails fell off all I was left with was large chunks of glue.  At first I attempted to scrape the glue off, but I eventually gave up and decided to paint them as patches of rust.

My 12 year old self decided to put sponson on the tank, but didn't bother making them the same weapon...  This time around I decided with the changes to ordinance (since 3rd edition) I would forgo the side sponsons.  Unlike the new Leman Russ models the old ones actually had gaping holes where the sponsons would have been; this mean that I had to find some way of covering them up with a conversion.  I covered one side with some spare armor plates and the other got blessings of tentacles.

Right now I have a giant pile of guardsmen that need paint, but the next thing on my list is Mortarion.  As a birthday present to myself I purchased the Mortarion model from Forgeworld, and I am planning on doing a massive post about everything that goes into painting that model.


  1. Great Master of Mathammer, I have an humble request for your powerful skills.
    My doubt is about a rule owned by the monstrous creatures.
    I don't know the name of the rule, but it is said that a MC can do just one attack at double strength (=10) instead his normal attacks.
    Let's say, for instance, that my beloved 5 talos pain machines (T7 S7) are in close combat with, let's say, an Imperial Knight (or others walkers with front armor 13). They would have 4 attacks each (5 each charging), wounding on 6' the IK. If they use the Super Smash attack they will just do 1 attack each but with a 3+ to glance and a 4+ to penetrate (although only a 6 would be helpful on the damage chart).
    Now I am confused...and actually I don't know what to do.

  2. No matter what you had been doing, you had been doing the correct thing. My initial calculation shows that the expected value of the two attacks is exactly the same. No matter which attack you perform you will do an average of 2.083 hull points worth of damage with the squad per combat phase.

    Bonuses such as re-rolling misses are going to benefit the regular attacks more than the smash attacks.

  3. Wicked awesome tank! Loving the work done to it!

  4. WOW, this mean that I don't have a chance even with the most brutal and cheesy units I can field... And this mean that against normal walker using the S10 is better, the same wound but with the chance of others damages...
    Thank you!!!