Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Apocalypse is a form of 40k that draws quite a few strong opinions.  Some people love it because it lets them bring their toys that don't normally see much game time, but others hate it because it doesn't let normal units do much before getting blasted off the table.  I have never played an apocalypse game, but now my friends have begun organizing to have one in October.

As we were gaming this weekend we started to plan for our massive battle.  Our main restriction is all models must be painted with a minimum of three colors.  We want this battle to look good.

We were all given a homework assignment to figure out what we had painted and how many points that covers.  Here is what I have:

Fallen Angels (Black Legion): 1650 before upgrades not shown on the model
Chaos Lord: Daemon Weapon
Dark Apostle
Terminators x6: Chain Fist, Power Fist, Autocannon, Combi-Flamer
Bike x3: Plasma Gun
Dreadnought: Twin Linked Lascannon
Predator: All Lascannons
Rhinos x2: Havoc Launchers
Chosen x5: Melta x2, Combi-Melta
Marine x21: Missile Launcher, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun x2

Daemons: 1535 before upgrades not shown on the model (there will be at least 500 pts of upgrades on the greater daemons)

Lord of Change
Great Unclean One
Herald of Tzeentch x2
Flamers x3
Bloodletters x9
Daemon Prince
Plaguebearers x20
Plague Drones x3
Bloodcrushers x2
Herald of Nurgle

Renegades: 925 without upgrades.  There are so many options for these guys that this will increase dramatically.

35 Guardsmen: 3 grenade launchers, 2 autocannons, 2 flamers, 3 officers, 1 icon, 2 vox casters
10 Veterans
2 Leman Russes
2 Wyverns
(I have a 20 man block of guardsmen and 20 zombies that should be able to get three colors by our game)

Chaos Marines: 2309 points

5 Terminators: reaper autocannon, 2 combi-flamer, combi-melta, powerfist, chainfist
5 Spawn
5 Obliterators
10 Possessed
Sorcerer: terminator armor
5 Bikes: 2 melta, powerfist
Lord on a bike
20 Cultists
41 marines: 2 flamers, 4 plasma guns, 2 melta guns, 4 autocannons, 2 power fists, 1 dual lightning claw
Heldrake x2
Daemon Prince

Cataloging everything has been wonderfully introspective.  I got back into the hobby in 2009, and it has been wonderful to watch my painting improve over the years.

We decided on 8000 points per person and 16000 per side, so the next step is to put together a list.


  1. From my experience each turn of apocalypse takes about 3-4 hours. Otherwise I love it! I use about 10k points of Nurgle.

    1. That is a silly amount of time. I guess I shoulda got into it back when I didn't have kids :P

  2. My biggest issue with apoc is the huge point costs just means you gotta buy duplicates of units you really only need for apoc. A guy I met off ebay was selling some necron stuff and he had like 15 of the forgeworld pylon things. I was floored at the quantity because that is like $2,000+ worth of just pylons. I found out later they were injection mold copies of a single legit forgeworld pylon. However, that is the kinda silliness it takes to play Apoc. Either spend retardo $ or spend retardo hours molding/casting ripped off copies of stuff just so you can play the game.

    I think the only way I'd play an apoc game was with super heavies or demon lords. Even then I'd wanna proxy something rather than have a legit titan or demon lord :P You can field about 3-4 big ass titans in 8000 points. That is alot of firepower that is hella durable and your turns would be pretty fast :)

    1. I think we are only going to have 1 or 2 actual titans. Most everything is going to be "Hey, we wanted to bring ALL of our models to a single game"

      Some day I would like to take the time to paint a titan, but the limited number of games (and limited funds) has always prevented me from doing so.

    2. Just proxy in a giant mickey mouse. Its the same size and would be funny seeing it smash face in apoc :)

    3. When my Son and I do that we use his 3' tall Godzilla as a warlord titan. For $45 it looks way cooler and is way more fun than some $2k forgeworld shite.