Friday, September 4, 2015

Blast From the Past

Recently some of my friends have started getting back into Mordheim.  I loved this game as a kid, but up until last weekend I had not played any games for probably twelve years.

Now there has been some stir of excitement, and I have been working to organize a small campaign amongst friends.

This is my first time trying to organize an event like this, and it has been enlightening.

I decided to throw out the traditional scenarios because they are imbalanced as all hell.  So far I have 4 scenarios and they break down like this:

1.) Search 5 buildings similar to the "Hidden Treasure" scenario, but successes happen on a 10-12.  Once the treasure is found then the winner is whoever has more models in the building at the end of turn 8.

2.) A skirmish where there are scattering gas clouds.  The gas clouds are a large blast and force a toughness test.

3.) Wyrdstone hunt, but each piece of wyrdstone is 'guarded' by three zombies.  The game only ends once there are no more player controlled models.  One team could secure the win, but the other team could continue to hunt zombies for more experience.

4.) Murderball!  In the center of the board is an axe that make the user more powerful.  Points are scored for every kill by the model with the axe, but points are scored by the other team for killing the model with the axe.

5.)  I know I want a 5th scenario, but I'm not sure what to put here.  I have been toying with the idea of trying to do a capture the flag, but I can't seem to put it together without the rules being overly complicated.

Tournament Organization:
As I have said previously, tournaments for most tabletop games are structured the same as debate tournaments.  Being married to a debate coach, doesn't have a ton of percs, but access to awesome spreadsheets is one of them.

Now I have a setup where I can enter wins/losses and secondary points.  The results and rankings are all calculated for me, and it takes into account your record, your secondary points, your opponent's record, and your opponents secondary points.  I love geeking out over a good spreadsheet.

This is where we are lacking.  Most of the terrain we have is for 40k, and Mordheim requires MUCH more terrain.  There are going to be some classic middle school household objects for terrain.

I don't know how many of you have played Mordheim, but it was formative for me as a tabletop gamer.  If you haven't ever played it, then all of the rules can be found online.  We did decide to limit the number of games for our campaign because after about 6-8 games units can easily become overpowered by the number of upgrades they have received.  I will keep the updates coming.  There should be two opportunities this weekend for me to test out scenarios, and I will keep you all posted.


  1. The best scenario, and the one I include with every event I run, is Halloween Trick or Treat. Use a deck of playing cards. Player draws one whenever anyone rings the doorbell of a hpuse. Reds are tricks, black is treats. Bad stuff has ranged from goblin parties to The Great Pumpkin. The scenario takes effort, but is always worth it. Its usually so much fun that we wind up running it multiple times.