Monday, May 16, 2016

Revisiting the Tactical Objectives App

Back in January I reviewed the tactical objectives app and there were some serious issues.  Recently, there has been an update, so I wanted to revisit the app and see how things worked.

When I first reviewed the app there were several major issues:
1.) You couldn't draw new cards at any time (preventing you from getting rid of impossible objectives)
2.) The app took up an obscene (1.1 gigs) amount of space.
3.) The sounds were annoying and couldn't be muted.

It appears as if all three of these issues have been fixed.

Now you can draw new cards at any time allowing the generally accepted house rule of 'discard impossible objectives'

The app has now dropped down to just under 700MB.

The sound seems to have gone away entirely.

In addition there is one new feature.  Now, you can manually adjust your score.  This helps for characters who get bonus victory points for being special, or custom scenarios.

Old version.

New version

The +1 on the left side lets you draw new cards at any point in time, and the +/- on the right let you manually adjust your score.

With these changes, I would classify the app as a workable alternative to physical cards.  There isn't an advantage one way or another (unless, like me, you regularly lose your cards).  If you prefer digital format materials, then this app is worth checking out.


  1. That's good - yet more evidence I guess that GW are listening to their customers once more (I can't seem them allowing a third party to have control over some of these changes that have been made).

    Still sounds ridiculously big if I'm honest, which is one reason I won't be investing.

    The main reason however is that whilst it's fine to have this on your phone, I use mine for much much more during a game, including my army list and taking pics for battle reports. Whilst any one app may make easier the various elements of the game, I can't see that having several does anything but slow things down as you have to switch between them, cursing as you battery dies mid-game. ;)

    1. I'm honestly thinking about investing in a medium sized whiteboard/chalkboard and then permanently marking out sections for keeping score. It feels very satisfying to put up tally marks for every point.

    2. We usually just put dice on the cards after we score them, but a whiteboard would be a great idea.
      I also concur with Nick's thoughts on the app. It's nice they're taking steps to improve it, but I've got enough stuff already going on with my phone. I like the physical cards so I can shuffle them and see them all easily without trying to scroll through on a phone.