Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Pox to the Loyalists!

With my spring break coming to an end, and a heightened sense of urgency, I sat down and finished up my tank commander.

Once again I had some patches of 'flesh' that I had made from greenstuff growing throughout the tank.

Here is a shot of the tank commander.  At the last moment I decided to go with a flesh colored look instead of the traditional green for most plaguebearers.  I am really happy that I did because he turned out really well.

This was my first time using a new method for pustules, and they turned out especially disgusting.

I did feel it necessary to add some traditionally Nurgle colored growth patches.

Also maggots.

Up next I am stripping paint of a leman russ and chimera that I painted when I was 12...  The russ will be the other half of this squad, and the chimera is going to get converted to a hellhound.


  1. Looks great. The tank commander looks like a human that has caught Nurgle's rot and is most of the way to being a plaguebearer! Are you planning on using the Lost & the Damned rules from IA13? They have some pretty cool units in there.

    1. Thanks!

      I don't own a copy of IA13. It is on my wishlist for sure, but for right now I am just using the rules from AM.

  2. Yeah, that is pretty awesome. Please share your new 'pustules' paint method. I'm always looking for good techniques for painting gross stuff for nurgle :P

    1. I have been wanting to do some video guides for modeling and painting, but I have had some trouble finding a good way of positioning my camera that is attached to my computer. I'm not quite fancy enough to have proper camera and lighting equipment.

  3. Hey Andrew,

    It would be great to get some mathhammer on how the new Bloodthirster with a D-weapon will fare against an Imperial Knight or Stompa.

    What are the chances that the BT will win, and/or get splatted in the process? Is it a worthwhile investment? (In both points and cash)

  4. Odds are good that a D weapon bloodthirster will take out a super heavy I'm thinking. The question is what are the chances it'll die along side it.

    The kicker is they swing on init 1. Meaning the enemy gets all their D weapon swings AND stomps. Melee weapons will likely be hits on 5s due to the thirsters WS10. However, every hit is likely to do d3 wounds and any 6 rolled is death to the thirster. Same goes with stomps. You get saves against stomps if I remember correctly so you could take more damage there, and again if they roll a 6 it is death to the thirster.

    Odds are low you'll die to their melee attacks and if you don't then you will certainly take out a knight and likely a stompa. Stompas have 12 hull points so you need a few hits to carve through it, but thankfully the thirster will have 8 attacks on the charge and hit on 3s.

    The kicker as well is the explosion they do when they die and the damage that also inflicts to a blood thirster. I'd be interested in seeing the mathhammer.

    1. Yeah, I started the calculations, and that d3 wounds is a real kicker. It basically means I have to evaluate (and keep track of) three times as many calculations as with a normal combat probability.

    2. My 'back of an envelope' calculation suggests that that on the charge the thirster will take off roughly 8 attacks x (2/3) to hit x (assume d3 hp result => average 2 hps) = 10.7 hps total. There is probably more upside due to explosion results, rolling a 6 to pen, etc. Gets pretty complicated to do these numbers exactly though.

      The concern for me is that all the Knight or Stompa needs is one roll of 6 to wound at their initiative step, or a 6 on their stomp, and the thirster is toast.

      Not sure the D-weapon thirster is gonna be a panacea for super heavy walkers... More like mutually assured destruction.

    3. That is the problem. A blood thirster with a D weapon can hull out a super heavy. But at init 1 you will eat some attacks in return. D weapon hits you only get an invuln against if it doesn't outright kill you. Stomps can net a number of wounds that you get armor against. The, when you do hull out the super heavy, it explodes with another D hit against you.

      So i'm in agreement that the odds of losing your blood thirster in the fight is fairly good, or at least wounding him so much he won't survive long afterwards. Still, its not a bad trade considering you paid 275 pts for it and took out a 400+ pt model :)

  5. I would agree with Jhon Glas: a Bloodthister for an Imperial knight is a good trading, but it's a blind bet.
    I bet that there will be about 40% of chance that the IK instant kill the BT, a 30% of double kill, and a 30% that the BT kills the IK without dying.
    I'm curios to know how close/far I am.....