Saturday, March 28, 2015

Khorne Daemonkin: Initial Impressions

Yesterday I picked up Codex Khorne Daemonkin.  I have no desire to start a Khorne army (praise be to Nurgle).  If this book is any indication of things to come, then I am excited for the future of chaos.

The initial thought of, "Oh this is just Khorne marines and Khorne daemons in one book." is far from the truth.  The only new units are the two additional kinds of bloodthirsters, true, but all of the army wide special rules make this look like an incredibly fun codex.  My first impression is that this is not going to be super competitive on the tournament scene, but only time will tell.

First up daemonic instability is out.  Fearless daemons are in.  This fixes a couple of problems.  Losing combat doesn't mean you are likely to lose a whole unit, and (as far as I have seen) there is no restriction preventing marine characters from joining daemon squads and vice versa.  This opens up some interesting options such as a Herald giving the benefit of a loci (and fearless) to a large unit of cultists.

The both the winds of chaos and the chaos boon chart are also out.  You are still required to make challenges, but that is appropriate because Khorne.  In their place you have the blood tithe system.  Each unit that is killed (your opponent's or your own) adds one blood tithe point.  At the beginning of your turn you can spend these points on armywide buffs such as +1 attack or feel no pain, or with more points you can summon squads of daemons or even have one of your characters become possessed by a greater daemon.  Think of this as a slightly more predictable version of the two previous charts.  This chart seems incredibly fun, and several of the formations add additional benefits to the chart.

Looking at the way the army seems to be structured I can see two major points of interest.  You can pretty much set up your whole army to charge turn or deepstrike on turn two, and there will be blood.  Lots of blood.  I fully expect this army to massacre its opponent or die horribly trying.  Either way Khorne will be pleased.

I will be going through and talking about all of the units, wargear, and formations in upcoming posts.


  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this man.

  2. I think this will definitely breathe some new life into Chaos builds. I'm seeing this as a way to field multiple Soul Grinders, Jugger led houndstars, and melta bikers, all for the minimal tax of a Possessed squad.

    Coupled with an allied Crimson Slaughter CAD with 2 more Juggerlords, min Cultists and 3 x Dreadclaw Drop Pods I think this combined force can be rather competitive.

    Free (wingless) Khorne Daemon Princes popping out of squad champions or critically wounded characters could be fun too. I'll pass on the Bloodthirsters though. *sadface*

    I'm eager to start experimenting!

  3. Still waiting on my copy to arrive by post. But from the reviews and leaks online, this looks like a great breath of fresh air into Chaos. The new formations are a really interesting way to promote armies being built in line with the fluff. I am genuinely excited about building a Khorne list to take skulls or die trying.

    I have Black Legion and a mixed Chaos Daemons army, so I hope all the gods get a similar treatment! (Although my wallet may disagree)

    Question: How would you all recommend using the Possessed unit needed for the main formation? Don't own any at the moment...

    1. I have wanted to make possessed work ever since the Crimson Slaughter book came out, but I haven't been able to do so. This book revives that urge to a certain extent. The combination of mark of khorne and daemon of khorne is looking sexy.

      The issue with possessed is getting them to their target. Fleet helps with this, but it doesn't make it easy. I would run them naked and hope that there are enough bigger threats that they don't draw fire. If they do, well then you can get another blood tithe point.

    2. I'm telling ya', four words: Allied Dreadclaw Drop Pods.

      They are a 100 point flying vehicle with hover capability that arrives from reserve automatically on turn 1, they can do d6 S5 ignores cover hits on weakest armour facing to one unit they fly over each turn (burn Wave Serpent, burn!) and they have Assault Vehicle and Frag Launchers.

      They are THE perfect, points economical delivery method for Possessed.

    3. My meta doesn't usually allow forgeworld units, but if yours does that sounds like the perfect solution.

      These possessed are going to wreck face as long as you can get them to their target.

    4. Bummer. That's unfortunately unnecessarily restrictive of your local group since the ITC circuit, NovaCon and AdeptiCon have all thrown their doors wide open in acceptance of Forgeworld.

      Maybe they can be made to see reason?

      If not, yeah, an allied Huron Blackheart or Cypher can always help Infiltrate them up the board I guess.

      With Daemon of Khorne and Mark of Khorne they are definitely going to wreck face...and hull.

      Just not bloody Wraithknights, boo.