Monday, April 13, 2015


My scheduled games got cancelled this weekend.  Sometimes life happens.  Khorne is angry, but I will get a game with the new codex in soon.  To appease you all I took some pictures of one of my favorite models, my Nurgle corrupted vendetta.

I spent a LONG time brainstorming this model before it was fully assembled. Seriously, I think it sat on my coffee table for three months before I completed the cockpit.  I knew that it HAD to look crazy.  I love the concept of daemonic/cyborg monstrosities, but I was unsure how to pull it off.  Eventually I took one of the spare plague drone heads and a LOT of greenstuff to form the 'pilot'.  The traditional cockpit frame was bent back as if the daemon burst from where the crew once was.

I used spare lascannons to outfit the vendetta and magnetized them.  As of now I have not put together any other assortments of weapons, but the option is always there.

The mouth was an incredibly important feature.  I knew that a traditional jaw would be relatively difficult to construct.  Fortunately I have a nice pile of Tyranid bits laying around from one of my friends.  As I am staring at this picture I am wishing that my vendetta could vector strike.

The spine was a later addition in the construction process.  I had completed the cockpit, but really the model looked like a plane with a daemon pilot rather than actually being a daemonic plane.  My wife might have been the one to suggest it, but someone said, "What if it had a spine?"  I constructed the spine in parts out of greenstuff.  First I built the center ridge with a series of pyramids, and then textured the pyramids with a clay shaping tool.  After the center ridge was solidified I built up the ribs on either side, and textured them with the same process.  

I am planning on busting this guy out for the league, but probably not until the points, and more importantly time limit, are increased.  This will happen in a couple of weeks when we end the regular season and start with the bracketed tournament.

Whats on my painting table?

In the theme of conversions I am working on my corrupted hellhound.  This is going to be complete with a large vat of toxic goo (aka nurgling swimming pool).  


  1. I would say that it's a beautiful model but....
    Instead I'll say well done on a fantastically modeled conversion, excellent work :-)

    1. Thanks! The reaction most people have to my conversions is, "That is horribly disgusting." Since it is blessed by Nurgle I understand.

  2. I love it. I especially like the one photo angle, where it looks like the corruption has become sentient itself, and is hanging on for dear life.

  3. Very cool conversion, papa Nurgle would be proud! The 'pilot' is particularly gross, and I really like the jaws. Nurgle is fun to paint, there is something quite satisfying about making things look so corrupted. Can't go back to the 'good guy' armies and boring normal paint schemes!