Sunday, May 3, 2015


After four weeks of regular season games we started out single elimination tournament this week.

Here was the list I chose for the tournament:

Tank commander: Vanquisher, lascannon, multimelta sponsons
Leman Russ: heavy bolter

Platoon Command Squad: Grenade Launcher x2
Guardsmen: Autocannon
Guardsmen: Autocannon

Primaris Psyker: lvl 2 divination

Veterans: melta gun x2

Hellhound: heavy bolter



Herald of Nurgle: ML 2 (nurgle powers)

This was almost every single Astra Militarum model I own.  I even had to ally in some daemons to round out the points.

I played against my good friend Drew and his Valhallans

Lord Commisar: Carapace armor

Veteran Squad

Platoon Command Squad
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad

Primaris Psyker: Divination lvl 2

Basilisk Squadron: 3 tanks

Deathstrike Missile Launcher

Wyvern Squadron: 2 tanks


Valkyrie: multiple rocket pods

Aegis Defense Line

Going into this game both of us were playing for fun.  We both knew that the winner would have to play the WAAC player.  Earlier in the week we started scheming and decided whatever the result; either of us would forfeit the second game.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures during the game.

Crusade, Vanguard Strike

I deployed first and had my tank commander and leman russ on my left side, hellhound and chimera on the right, and blob and manticore in the center.  Drew spread out his artillery on the back edge of his side.  Two of his infantry squads blobbed up with the primaris psyker and stood in front of the basilisks .  The ten man blob had the lord commisar and stood in front of the two wyverns.  His veterans and platoon command squads rode in the fliers.

Turn 1:
My hellhound and chimera move up, and the leman russes shuffle to the side to get a better view of his tanks.  I manage to cast scrier's gaze and prescience on my manticore, but it doesn't matter because I rolled a hit when I got to shoot.  The manticore gets three rockets off with the first shot, doing two hull points to one of the basilisks and shaking it, causing a weapon destroyed result to the deathstrike, and killing two guardsmen.  The two leman russes do all of nothing to his tanks behind the aegis.  My guardsmen use the autocannon to kill two of the guardsmen from his 10 man squad.

Drew doesn't really move anything.  He casts prescience on the basilisks, and their shooting causes a weapon destroyed result to the manticore.  His wyverns shoot at my blob squad, but since I am well spread out he only kills five of them.

Turn 2:
My nurgle daemons arrive, but the vendetta doesn't manage to come in despite scriers gaze.  The daemons scatter on top of his 10 man squad and die to a mishap, so I give up first blood.  My hellhound moves up into range of his 10 man squad.  I don't manage to get any psychic powers off, but once again it doesn't matter because I rolled like a boss for my manticore.  I fired at the same basilisk as before, blow it up, do another hull point of damage to the deathstrike, and kill a few more marines.  The hellhound roasts everything from the 10 man guarsmen squad, but leaves the lord commisar out in the open.  My leman russes decide to go after the wyverns and wreck one.

His fliers come in, and the vendetta targets my chimera while the valkyrie goes after my blob squad.  He casts forwarning on his blob squad.  The vendetta opens up my chimera with ease, and the remaining wyvern makes mincemeat out of the veterans inside.  His valkyrie kills a few guardsmen, but nothing significant.  The Deathstrike missile, does not launch, and his basilisks scatter wide.

Turn 3:
The Vendetta still does not come in....  Looks like I am going to have to win this game the old fashioned way.  My hellhound chases the lord commisar, but everything else stays put.  No psychic powers were cast.  For the first time all game the manticore shot could have used some twin link action because its shot scattered wildly off of the board.  The helhound manages to roast the lord commsiar giving me slay the warlord!  My leman russes also take out the remaining wyvern.

His valkyrie flies off of the table and the vendetta puts my two leman russes in its sights.  Once again the guardsmen get a 4++ from forwarning.  His deathstrike missile LAUCHES, and then ends up killing the manticore (without any missiles), and four guardsmen.  What a letdown...  We were both pumped to see it in action, and it did jack...  The basilisks followed up by killing more guardsmen and my psyker to boot.  His vendetta knocks a couple of hull points and a multi-melta off of my tank commander.

Turn 4:
At this point we had 15 minutes remaining, and Drew says, "Well it looks like you are going to win.", and then I move off of all of my objectives and call the end of my turn.

Drew wins and informs the league organizer that he is forfeiting his second game.  One of the other players looks at me and says, "So, you lost your game on purpose because you didn't want to play (WAAC Player)? And then Drew forfeited his game for the same reason?" *Giggle*  This is immediately followed by hearing the WAAC player whine, "Awww c'mon, just play the game!"

Next week will be the final matches as well as awards for best sportsman and sexiest army (best painted).  I am planning on participating in a 2v2 match and bringing some nurgle marines pretending to be Khorne Daemonkin!

Probability Update:
I have been working on my probability calculations related to deep striking next to a large oval base, and I believe that I am finally getting something that works (I know I have said this before, but I have been through things about 4-5 times now).  In my minimal spare time I have been running the numbers through the computer, and I should have all the results here soon.


  1. Sounds like a good game vs Drew. Knowing that both of you weren't interested in going through to the next round takes the pressure off and let's you have fun!

    What do you plan to add to your Imperial Guard to round off the list?

    1. I'm liking the way this list plays, so I was thinking of expanding the vanguard force with an additional hellhound and a second squad of veterans. I also am going to need some more long range anti tank, so I would probably want to get a couple of leman russ exterminators.

      More significantly, I want to make a gaming table this summer. Right now I have no real way of playing at my house, and I want to be able to have people over for games.

    2. A Leman Russ Exterminator is a good choice as it is on such a durable platform. Some armoured sentinels with auto cannons and camo netting would also be good (and give more hull points in a squad of 3).

      I also like mortar squads or a wyvern - the ability to snipe special weapons, characters etc. causes a lot of rage from your opponent! Pinning can be quite useful too. Using your primaris psyker to summon daemons would be very fluffy for your list!

      I am waiting on a battle mat I ordered to add to my home scenery, at the moment I am playing on just felt. With some nice scenery pieces (battlefield in a box plus some old 2nd edition terrain) it should look pretty neat.

  2. Why did you avoid playing the WAAC guy? There was lots of good suggestions on how to ruin his day. Sad that his day will now not be ruined :(

    1. His day was ruined. I don't think I would have heard more whining if I had beat him on turn 1. He sat around for an hour and a half to just pack up his stuff and go home.

  3. Ah, what happened to ruin his day? Just because people wouldn't play him?

  4. Lol, I guess that would work. It's a pretty basic strategy from the movie war games. "The only winning move is not to play."

    1. I don't think he would have been pissed if he had played a first game, but since he had a bye he didn't get to play any games.

  5. Forgive me father, because I have sinned.
    After all, I was an asshole this Saturday.In a little tournament at 500 pt limit (the beginning of a bigger campaign) I have used a wraith knight. It was not funny...
    I just wanted to try him, 'cose I remembered that every times I played it against necron or marines grav spam he died on the 1st or second turn, and I was curious to see if he was better now. AND I knew that there where a guy that was going to play an imperial knight and I wanted the right tool to beat him.
    .Sadly, instead of the IK player I went against a new player with some useless bloodclaws in rino and drop pod,and the second one had a skitarii list. I felt really sorry for my opponent and stupid for my choice.
    After that I went to the IK players (that had a similar fate) and had an agreement: even if low are allowed in this campaign, we will not bring them anymore in games of 1500 pt or less.

    1. Anything that big is a little much under 1500.