Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Painting

Now that school is out I have free time again.  Time that can be spent painting, and watching netflix.  Every summer I come up with a plan for what I want to accomplish.  Last summer I painted my entire Fallen Angels army and this summer I am going to try and finish up my Traitor Guard.
So here is what I have so far:

10 Veterans (assembled and primed)
Primaris Psyker (assembled and primed)
Hellhound (assembled and primed)
Leman Russ (assembled and primed)
10 Guardsmen (assembled, but not primed)
10-15 Guardsmen (unassembled)
3-5 Heavy Weapon Teams (unassembled)

Here is what I want to get

10 Empire Flagelants to be converted to Wyrdvane Psykers
Glottkin to be converted to a Imperial Knight

As always I watch a giant pile of netflix/HBO-Go while painting.  Here is what I am planning.
Game of Thrones (I am about 500 pages from the end of the last book, and I haven't watch any past the first season.  If I can't finish reading by the time I finish Daredevil then I will come back to this.)
The Wire

I figure these three shows should take me most of the summer.

The big project for the summer is I want to make a gaming table.  This won't be an actual table, but in reality three pieces of wood that sit on a table.  The tricky part is I want to have about a 2" lip around the edges to prevent dice from flying everywhere.  I also want to have clasps on the sides to 'lock' the sections in place.  Since my carpentry skills and tools are a bit lacking I am going to have to recruit some help from friends and/or family.

Here are some additional shots of my recently completed chimera.  This was my first time using dry pigments in this way.  I was pleased with the general result, but next time I am going to use more.  Right now things sort of look like someone splattered mud on my tank instead of having the tank drive through mud.