Saturday, February 28, 2015

Landraider Complete

With one day of decent weather this week, I managed to get my landraider clear-coated.  The finishing touchers were added, and everything is complete.

The Dirgecaster on the back is made from plastic tubing of various sizes.  My local hobby store sells packs of plasticard including tube shapes.  With a pair of pliers I pulled at the ends of the tubes to make them look sufficiently worn and corroded.  I had been wanting to make a plague organ for a while and this model was a great platform.

Around the base of the plague organ I used greenstuff to make some purple flames.  This covered up the gaps between the pipes and the actual model.  I also did a bit of object source lighting, but nothing too dramatic.

As I was assembling the model there was one place where the armor plates did not quite meet properly, so I decided to add a growing flesh look. Nothing like a landraider that grows itself back together.

I wanted to have a nurgling show up somewhere on the model, and having one simply stand on the model seemed too plain.  Instead I decided to have one clawing its way out of a patch of flesh almost as if the tank is giving birth to more daemons.

The bit of flesh on the gunner's head is the only thing significant about this shot.  I did my standard technique for painting flesh with a purple wash, but instead of using waywatcher green glaze at full strength I decided to water it down.  Using a 1:1 mix of the green and lahmian medium I was able to make the green flesh look less like mountain dew and let more of the 'natural' flesh show through.

This project was the first time I had used the Blood for the Blood God paint, and I was very impressed.  When I used to paint blood it would take me 3-4 layers of different colors and washes before the result looked good.  This effect was achieved with 1-2 layers of the same color.

I wanted the front door to look more like a mouth, so I added some teeth.

Finally here are some kroot that I finished up for a friend.

With these two projects complete I started work on my traitor guard force.  The weather has me snowed in and I was able to assemble a tank commander with a herald of Nurgle sticking out of the top hatch.

If you have any questions on my techniques or the colors I used please feel free to ask.


  1. Looks fantastic. What do you typically use in it?

  2. Oops you already answered my question. Back in the day I used to run chosen with flamers in a land raider.

  3. I really love the idea of the flesh being used to "heal" the landraider. It was a great idea to hide the seam, and also to add some great character to the piece!

    1. One of the best things about a Nurgle army is that plopping greenstuff anywhere just makes sense.