Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Drop Pod Conversion and A New HQ

After a bit of a dry spell I finally got around to finishing my drop pod.

I really enjoyed this project.  This was my first time working with a drop pod, and it was a pain (just like everyone said).  Despite some frustrations with assembly, things turned out well.  The plasticard fins were also a first with this project.  They ended up being the most time consuming part of the whole ordeal, but they really make the model stand out.  I still need to purchase a dedicated flying base for my drop pod, but that is currently on the back burner.

Here is my recently completed Heretek Magus.  I built him from parts leftover from Phil's Kataphron Destroyers.  The body was constructed out of green stuff and a bit a plasticard tubing.  As I constructed the model, I would push the parts into the greenstuff and let it set.  Once the greenstuff was solidified I would pop the parts out and re-glue them into place.  The tentacle for a right arm is the only part that comes from a chaos kit.

My inspiration was a Magus who idealizes Soul Grinders as the perfect fusion between daemon and machine.


  1. Very cool. Do you actually need a base for that drop pod? Most people I play with just land them as a vehicle with no base.

    1. I like to use the flight base to show when it is flying vs hovering. Much more dramatic.

    2. The flying base is nice for the Kharybdis Assault Claw. Helps capture the fact it can still be flying around unlike a normal drop pod.

      Also, that's a gnarly looking Magus! I hope CSM some day get a vehicle psychic discipline like Space Marines did. Could make some sweet "technomancer" conversions to signify a Sorcerer devoted to casting powers on vehicles.

  2. Great drop pod...and magus looks awesome!