Friday, December 19, 2014

Tournament: Night 2

The final night of our league tournament was this week.  I had already made it farther than I expected, but how far was I able to take my army?

Game 1: vs Dark Eldar + Eldar (Kill points, Dawn of war)

Archon: webway portal
5 Firedragons:

2 squads of warriors

6 Dark Eldar jetbikes


Razorwing Jetfighter

Autarch (I think): on a jetbike (with the dark eldar jetbikes)

3 Eldar Jetbikes: shruiken cannon


The jetbikes get +1 toughness for the combat drugs, and the Archon + firedragons combo is deepstriking.

Turn 1:
I go first, move up, and literally the only thing I can see is the wraithknight.  My opponent is very spread out, but everything is out of LOS.  I shoot at the wraithknight with the predator and the helbrute and I manage to put two wounds on it.

He moves up, kills a couple of marines from the big squad, and wipes out the three bikes.

Turn 2:
My terminators arrive, and they land about 6" from his line.  The helbrute can only see the wraithknight and puts another wound on him.  Everything else fires into one of his venoms and I do one hull point of damage.  His jink saves were unbeatable.

Both the jetfighter and the firewarriors come in.  He scoots his transports around to avoid getting charged, his Eldar jetbikes move up my flank, and the Dark Eldar jetbikes get close enough to the terminators to charge.  The wraithknight decides to go after the helbrute,  and manages to shoot off the powerfist.  My terminators soak up most of his firepower, but they end up getting wiped out.  The jetfighter takes out one of my rhinos, and the firedragons take out my predator.  His wraithknight charges into my helbrute and does one hulpoint of damage.

Turn 3:
I immobilize his raider containing the firedragons, kill a few bikes, but I am out of range to charge anything with the big squad, so I sit out in the open.

He zooms around with everything, fires his lazors (pew pew), and by the end of the turn all I have remaining is one rhino with five chosen.  We call the game and he wins.

The final game was between the Dark Eldar player I lost to and the Clan Raukaan player I played a few weeks back.  During the final game I noticed something relevant.  With 16 players in the league, two of them were playing the final match of the tournament, two of them were watching, and everyone else was watching a fun match on a different table.  This could be from the demographics of our gaming store, but people seemed to be drawn towards the hilariously silly match over the competitive match.

I lost, I'm not surprised, but I am happy that I made it this far.

Moving forward I may put the Fallen Angels on the shelf.  I won best painted army (first time with this particular army), so I feel accomplished.  Right now I have the starting of a Traitor Guard force and I want to expand it up to full size.  I am also going up to South Dakota next week, so no battle reports for a while, but I do have several other articles in the works.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Are you using forgeworlds renagade rules for your traitor guard? They seem interesting but the variable leadership is annoying I would think.

    1. Right now I don't have the book. The FLGS I regularly visit generally does not allow forgeworld, so I had been planning on just using the regular Astra Militarium rules.

  2. I really wish GW would break down the barrier between 40k and forgeworld. There is alot of cool stuff in forgeworld and it is a shame many places don't allow it. Mostly its because people simply don't know the rules and its 'shady' to them. The other reason is because some stuff is plain broken and overpowered, but you can say the same about some stuff in 40k, like imperial knights and the entire eldar codex for example.

    1. Forgeworld is too nebulous for GW to unanimously declare it a part of 40k. 40k has super-heavies so you'd have to allow FW ones but a lot of the super-heavies that FW makes would break any normal game they are included in. Also some of even the regular units are so laughably overpowered that they would do the same. Of course that's not even considering the fact that FW is super slow at updating rules and issuing FAQs even though they are notorious for writing rules that are are ambiguous or RAW say the opposite of RAI because of wording issues.

      I think it's best just to leave it to tournaments to say whether or not they want to include FW and with what stipulations. If you're playing against someone in a casual game, just ask them.

      As for overpowered 40k books, I really don't think Knights are that overpowered. They do well and they are a strong choice, but plenty of good players do well without using them. They're going to win a lot of games against opponents playing casual lists because they didn't min-max to take them down but most players have answers for them in competitive settings. And if you're bringing multiple knights to a casual game just to try-hard against your opponent than that's your own fault. Eldar on the other hand... needs its 7th edition nerf which it won't get for another year.

    2. You don't necessarily have to allow everything from FW. My FLGS regularly runs tournaments that don't allow Lords of War. For regular games this could be an issue, but even with normal rules there are people who I simply do not play.

    3. I really dislike super heavies in 40k. Their inherit rules like stomp and explode immunity just lop side the game. I think they are helpful in the tourney scene because they level out silly combo's like 2++ rerollable saves and what not. However, in casual games they are just overpowered. They were added not because they were needed, but because GW wanted to create artificial demand for their Apoc crap and that annoys me to no end.

      Still, they are in the game and I just gotta deal with em. That is why my ork army acquired a Stompa :) If you cannot beat em, join em.

    4. I just meant that GW can't really say "well these FW models are allowed in normal games, but these aren't" and try to make that their 'official' inclusive list. The problem isn't that its only certain categories (such as Lords of War) that are overpowered, but that within the same category some things are too powerful. Some FW superheavies are no worse than normal superheavies but some are game-breaking. That's why Reece at Frontline made his "Reece approved shitty super-heavies" list that allows some FW but not others.

      Which is why I think it's better that we just have local support for FW vs no FW rather than asking GW to rule one way or another. It would be too hard for them to come up with an official list because they would have to amend it constantly.

  3. Replies
    1. To be honest, I don't know. I left early that evening to finish grading my finals, and on top of that no one posted the results online.

      Once I get back from South Dakota I will start playing some more games, and I will get a few more battle reports posted.