Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Why do we need another 40k blog? I am terrible at writing; why do I need to be the one to write it?

I have read blogs related to nearly every aspect of warhammer, but I have never read a blog that is simply about having fun with 40k.  This seems like a strange concept, "What? 40k is inherently fun.  Why do I need to read about having fun with something that is already fun?"

Over the years I have seen a lot of people come and go from the hobby.  Many of the people I have met are solely focused on one aspect of the game, winning.  I was this way for a long time; I played against competitive people, and I was competitive in return.  My army was composed of the most currently competitive builds, and as a result never more than partially painted.  There was fun to be had, but it was mostly dependent on whether or not I was winning games.  Generally if I was having fun it was because I was winning, and my opponent was not having fun because he was not.

A couple of years back I joined a new gaming group.  Things were different.  People drank while playing.  The armies that people used were conventionally 'uncompetetive', "Hello, Sisters of Battle."  Everyone had a fully painted army, and they looked good!  Very quickly I realized that my competitive style of play was not really fun for anyone other than myself.  I'm not saying that anyone should be responsible for anyone else having fun, but if you enjoy playing with a group of people you probably shouldn't smash their face every single game.

So what is this blog actually going to be about?  I don't want to focus on one particular aspect of the hobby because I enjoy most aspects.  Over the years I have gotten pretty good at painting, and am planning on writing up some guides on different techniques I have learned.  Tales of battle are likely to follow my weekly games.  Even though I don't regularly run super competitive armies; I still love to theory-craft.  In fact one of the things I enjoy more than anything else is theoretical probability (mathhammer is a dirty word), and I have been know to literally spend days calculating the chances of particularly complex situations.

I'm not looking to convince anyone that my priorities are the best; enjoyment of excessive math problems is usually reserved for the clinically insane, but hopefully you enjoy reading about my (mis)adventures.


  1. Great news Andrew, will be following!

  2. Good luck fella. Don't play 40k any more and have sold most my armies. But still enjoy reading up and see what's going on. :D Look forward to your posts.